We Are Growing
  • We are lifelong learners who own, build, and grow our capabilities.

  • We value humility and welcome new ways of thinking, working, and creating.

  • We grow from our mistakes and demonstrate kindness and forgiveness.

  • We are truthful with no separation between what we say and how we act.

  • We are reliable; we do what we say we will do.

  • We are direct without being offensive, striving to have constructive disagreements that lead to productive outcomes.

We Are Authentic
We Value Relationship
We Are Proactive
  • We believe people are more important than projects and we respect and care for those around us.

  • We are team players and we help each

  • other.

  • We value collaboration, togetherness, and unity in Jesus Christ. we respect the diversity of Christian traditions, history, and culture.

  • We celebrate international context and character, and seek to strengthen regional and global cooperation that is grounded in independent and indigenous leadership with common vision and purpose.

  • We value work expressed as service to others, and are committed to developing and implementing culturally relevant programs and services that demonstrate respect, dignity, and the worth of people as those created and loved by God.

  • We aren’t just dreamers, we’re doers. We turn our vision and passion into action.

  • We are confident in our abilities and have the courage to take risks.

  • We see problems as opportunities and act quickly to identify solutions.

  • We take ownership of our work and life balance to stay happy, healthy, and effective.

  • We strive for excellence; we hold ourselves and our colleagues to high standards and live as people ready to account for how we steward our gifts.

  • We embrace the core values of Prison Fellowship Kazakhstan and recognize them in action.

We Are Available